Connected forever

Allusive gold locket pendant, England circa 1870

The motif of the belt, which shines at us in rich gold on the front of the present locket, has been used by goldsmiths in jewelry design for centuries. It was particularly popular in the symbol-loving 19th century, when the belt was worn as an expression of friendship and a pledge of love. There, jewelry in the form of a belt symbolized the indissoluble unity and bond between two people. In this sense, the two belts on our medallion from the years around 1870 are also to be understood. Inside, a two frame allows the storage of two pictures or locks of hair. Indissolubly, as symbolized by the belt, the memory of a particular person to whom one feels a special love should be maintained. The oval pendant is made of 9-karat yellow gold and has an additional layer of fine gold on it, so that it shines warmly golden. In addition, the surface is decorated on all sides with decorative engravings that cover every millimeter of the object, excluding the loop, with delicate vegetal patterns.

In many ancient myths, a belt protects its wearer and equips him with magical abilities. Thus, the Germanic god of thunder Thor possessed a belt of strength that doubled his power, and the dwarf king Laurin also gained the strength of 12 men through a belt. According to Homer, all the delights and lures of love were woven into the belt of Aphrodite (Illiad 16, 215), and so more importance was attached to this special garment than to others.

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We want you to be 100% satisfied! That’s why we examine, describe and photograph all our jewellery with the utmost care.

If for any reason you are still not satisfied, contact us and we will find a mutual solution immediately. Regardless, you can return any item within 30 days and we will refund you the full purchase price.