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Wonderful Art Deco Ring With Untreated Sapphire, around 1930

In the 1920s, a new style conquered art, architecture, and craftsmanship. The historical forms of the turn of the century had been discredited with the demise of the old social forms, and a new urge for fun-loving wealth demanded new forms. Germany experienced a tumultuous economic boom in the mid-1920s. The great crises such as the lost Kieg, the loss of overseas colonies and inflation were now over. Massive investments from the USA stabilized the Weimar Republic for a short period of time and gave the country a boom that contributed significantly to the characterization of the decade as the "Golden Twenties". The displays of the shops shone again in new luxury, and not least jewellery and jewels served to show this wild joie de vivre visibly to the outside world. The style of jewellery of these years developed away from the historicising forms that had characterised the 19th century and broke new ground. Art Deco was a brief but intense era, the likes of which had hardly been imagined before: first-class craftsmanship, exciting new forms and the exuberant sparkle of high-quality gemstones were the hallmarks of these pieces. The focal point of this ring of the period is occupied by a large, cushion-cut sapphire weighing ten carats and of a fine blue colour. It is an untreated sapphire whose sky-blue, enchanting color has not been subsequently attempted to improve by heating. It is accompanied by a setting of four baguette-cut diamonds, weighing approximately 0.48 carats in total, which transition to the scalloped shoulders. This is a very full-bodied stone with extraordinary depth. In the classic contrast between blue and white, the colours of the sky are evoked here - fitting for an era which to this day is known above all for its dazzling nightlife, for its bars and cabarets. The ring found its way to us here in Berlin and was most likely created in Germany. An independent appraisal has confirmed the quality of the sapphire.

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We want you to be 100% satisfied! That’s why we examine, describe and photograph all our jewellery with the utmost care.

If for any reason you are still not satisfied, contact us and we will find a mutual solution immediately. Regardless, you can return any item within 30 days and we will refund you the full purchase price.