Antique Jewellery Tells Stories

Antique Jewellery Tells Stories

Join Us On a Journey of Discovery

Antique Jewellery, Carefully Curated

Whether Art Nouveau or Art Déco, Victorian or Georgian – whichever era holds your interest, you can be sure to find a new favourite piece in our lovingly curated assortment of antique jewellery, where each piece comes with its own story.

Do you already know the full range of our chains and necklaces? Their designs have something to suit every taste. Discover classic gifts like our diamond pendants. Or browse through timeless designs like our Victorian gold necklaces and necklets with shimmering pearls or symbolic pieces like our selection of romantic lockets!

Hofer Antikschmuck

Hofer Antikschmuck (German for: antique jewellery) was born of a passion for beautiful things. It all started with my grandmother, a woman who loved to wear jewellery. She had a story about each piece she owned and when she opened her jewellery box, it was like entering another world: the fond memories and moving stories associated with each piece marked the highlights of a long life.

From these memories, a growing passion took hold in me over the years that drove me to devote myself to these small and highly personal objects.

Our collection has grown steadily in recent years. Join us and discover our selection of Belle Époque jewellery with brilliant-cut and old-cut diamonds. Browse our range of historical garnet jewellery and antique souvenirs from Italy including micromosaics, corals and pearls. Lose yourself in the hustle and bustle of Berlin in the 1920s with Art Déco pieces or immerse yourself in the world of the Victorian era – join us to discover the stories behind the wonderful jewellery of the past.

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