Five art historians, an economist and three photographers currently make up the team of Hofer Antikschmuck. Here we’d like to take the opportunity to introduce ourselves.

Simon Hofer

Art Historian

“I love travelling to large auctions, exhibitions and trade shows where hidden treasures await and rare objects can be discovered.”

Even as a child, I was interested artistic objects and historical artefacts. The manual production of smaller things was a particular fascination for me. Back then, I already dreamed of a golden pocket watch that was meant for me as a present only years later.

My studies in Art History in Germany (Aachen and Berlin) and Italy (Florence) offered me a life surrounded by beautiful things.

Sometimes it’s pieces of jewellery owned by exciting provenance or rare gems from mines sealed long ago. But every piece brings me joy when we uncover its unique story. My chosen task in our company is tracing the essence of things. And as an art historian, to act as an intermediary between the object and the interested party.

Franz-Josef Dröge


“Many old goldsmith techniques have been lost today. Therefore, the beauty of a piece unfolds all the more once you can see the effort and love that went into making it.”

As I grew up in Westphalia, I learned from my parents’ business the importance of the small details when making high-quality goods and offering first-class service. My studies in Business Administration later led me to Berlin, Stockholm and Dublin where I worked for some years in project management and sales at a large German company.

During that time, I lived part-time in the house of a passionate goldsmith in Munich and was fascinated by the craftsmanship born out of this tiny space.

At the time, I had no idea that I would one day use my business knowledge and my passion for facts and figures surrounded by stunning objects of beauty. A mix that I no longer want to go without.

Lea Döding


„Jewellery tells stories in the smallest of spaces.”

From an early age, I was fascinated by the past which I set out to discover in books and tales. Add to that a fascination with all things beautiful, with art and culture – and the study of art history, which I completed in Berlin, seemed a logical consequence. However, I had to realise early on that material culture was no longer as integral a part of the curriculum as it once was – even though through objects, one is made to experience history even more immediately than through visual art.

That is why in my work at Hofer Antikschmuck, I particularly enjoy the fact that we aim to bring the stories of our jewels to light – because each single piece does tells one in the smallest of spaces. To decipher the meaning and transformations of a special jewel and to place it in the context of its time is my favourite task as an art historian.

“‘You only see what you know’ is particularly fitting for antique jewellery. You’ll find that many pieces become even more beautiful with a little background knowledge.”

Malte Hesemann

Malte Hesemann


Born in Bremen, I studied art history and geography in Berlin. Influenced by this combination of subjects, the designs and the beauty aren’t the only things that interest me in my work with antique jewellery, but rather the materials used and their places of origin as well. Jewellery has always concentrated the treasures of the entire world in a miniature form.

Throughout my work in the team at Hofer Antikschmuck, I’m often excited by the surprises every piece may hold. Offering our clients the history and individual features of our pieces is a special kind of challenge. – and the old saying “You only see what you know“ is particularly fitting for antique jewellery. You’ll find that many pieces become even more beautiful with a little background knowledge.

Florian Horsthemke

Art Historian, Gemmologist DGG

Antique jewellery takes us on a journey into the past that may change the way we look at the present.” 

It was my studies in Art History that led my way to Hofer Antikschmuck. During my time in Aachen, Florence and Berlin, I was fortunate enough to be able to study some of the great masterpieces of art up close and familiarise myself with the history of things. Even then, my aim was to examine the historical objects of different eras, describe them and reconstruct the exciting stories that surround the objects.

At Hofer Antikschmuck, we work together to combine scientific expertise and the appreciation of beautiful things – and my hope is that some of our enthusiasm and love for these witnesses of the past shines through in the many texts about our pieces.

Deborah Kruck

Art Historian

“Already as a student, I was captivated by historical jewellery, and I purchased some pieces that I still wear today.” 

While studying the history of art in Regensburg, I researched numerous paintings, altars, architectures and even video art. Jewellery was only rarely given attention, for instance when Vermeer’s girl wears a Pearl Earring.

Not least while strolling through antique markets, however, my attention shifted more and more towards antique jewellery. After I moved to Berlin, it was clear to me that I wanted to work with jewels and the exciting stories that surround them.

At Hofer Antikschmuck, I now work together with experts on the treasures of almost forgotten times. Every day, I feel like a child again that climbs up into the attic at her grandparent’s house, equipped with a flashlight to go on a treasure hunt. Only now, the flashlight has been replaced by a magnifying glass and the tales of a child are replaced by expert knowledge that can lift the veil of the past.

We present our jewellery with all its history. Of course, this may also include the traces of time.

Simon Hofer

Adam Blaufarb & Tobias Klatt

Our Team of Photographers

We, the photo team at Hofer Antikschmuck, have made it our mission to capture the essence and unique qualities of each piece of jewellery as well as to highlight its artistic details. After all, the beauty of historical pieces of jewellery is revealed not least under the magnifying glass or when looking through the camera!

For this purpose, we not only take photographs but also videos of the pieces of jewellery, because often the sparkling brilliance of the jewellery, the play of light on metal and gemstones can only be understood in motion. We do not want to hide the fact that one or the other piece also shows traces of its history: Because they are part of the objects.

How We Work

We tell the history and stories behind the jewellery. Will you join us on a journey of discovery?

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